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About Scrip Regulatory Affairs - the leading regulatory intelligence service

What is Scrip Regulatory Affairs?

SCRIP Regulatory Affairs (SRA) is the leading provider of regulatory news, analysis, comment and practical guidance for the pharma, biotech and medtech industries. SRA helps its readers – your peers and competitors in the life science pharma/biotech/medtech industries – avoid costly regulatory mistakes and is an indispensable guide to the rules and regulations governing the development, launch and post-market surveillance of drugs and medical devices worldwide.

SRA covers: regulatory agencies and legislation, marketing application requirements and guidelines, research and development, patents and intellectual property, international harmonisation, drug/medical device safety, pharmacovigilance, pharmacoeconomics, etc. delivers up-to-the-minute news and analysis on the key regulatory, legal and policy issues facing the global pharma and medtech industries. Subscribers to Scrip Regulatory Affairs have full access to this leading website and receive daily email alerts ensuring they get precisely the news and analysis they need. In addition, subscribers receive a fortnightly ebulletin highlighting the most-read articles from the previous two weeks so they need never miss enlightening commentary and insight from our contributing regulatory affairs specialists and in-house experts.

SRA provides relevant international and independent perspective, keeping readers fully informed of the latest developments.

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Scrip Regulatory Affairs
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Maureen Kenny
Editor, SCRIP Regulatory

+44 20 7017 6982

Maureen has more than 20 years of journalistic experience in the sectors SRA covers. Maureen spent two years in New York reporting for SRA’s sister publication, SCRIP Intelligence. Maureen is also a former editor of Clinica Medtech Intelligence, another SRA sister publication, and a former acting editor of SCRIP Intelligence.

Neena Brizmohun
Deputy Editor, SCRIP
Regulatory Affairs

+44 207 017 6974

Neena has both reported on and commissioned many pieces of expert analysis on many of the major developments in the pharma and medtech regulatory arenas since she joining SRA as deputy editor in 2008. She joined from Clinica Medtech Intelligence, where she covered developments in the global medical technology industry.

Vibha Sharma
Senior Reporter, SCRIP
Regulatory Affairs

+44 0203 377 3273

Vibha joined SRA in 2010 since when she has been largely responsible for SRA’s news coverage. Vibha is responsible for much of SRA’s exclusive coverage of some of the most important topics of recent years.

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